Shield of Time

Shield of Time

Warning: contains partial nudity

This is my latest addition to this series. I wanted to continue with the whole interactive art idea from my last one. I started with the usual with pencil to get an idea of what I wanted to draw. And for some reason I decided to do an ancient shield, but I wanted to have it open similarly to how the star one did. But this one is not as involved as the Star one it’s thinner because I didn’t use card board. I decided to just go with a simpler approach kind of like one of those old pop up books.

After getting the shield done I started to see it as an ancient wall painting in my head. And so I decided to go that route with it. I followed up with metallic gel pens because I wanted to give off the feeling that your looking at an old Egyptian wall painting. So I went with a golden bronze look, I used a piece of white sketch paper, similar in strength to the black sketch paper although I think it might be thinner?

I cut out a small square a little larger than the shield, and traced the shield on that. I then lined up the white paper with the black and glued it to the back. This gave off an interesting look which I may explore with in later artworks.

I then drew the scene of two Neanderthals in a cave in the ice age, and went over with fluorescent gel pens to give the sun rays and the fire life. The first four images are in regular light, and the last image is in black light showing off the glow of the fire. I used two strips of paper and glued them to each side of the shield. I cut holes by the shield and placed the strips in and then glued the two sides of the shield to each strip.

When you pull each strip the shield opens to show the scene inside. I have to post a partial nudity warning, because of the two characters outside of the shield, although it’s nothing too revealing. I hope you enjoy this piece it took the longest almost three weeks of work

92lb 150g + the additional thickness of the strips
Price: $60.00